About Us

Welcome to Bitcoin Café!
The world's first Bitcoin coffee from the Enchanted Island of Puerto Rico!

Who are we?
Bitcoin Café is a coffee company serving premium coffee to people who love bitcoin all over the world. We develop our encrypted roast profiles with the same focus Satoshi Nakamoto endeared when developing the Bitcoin network and freeing society from the legacy financial system which has enslaved billions of plebs around the globe. Also, every month, fiat accumulated proceeds will be converted into bitcoin except funds needed for daily expenses and managerial expenses for the business. Our mission is to operate completely on the Bitcoin Standard. 10% of proceeds will be allocated to the business' reserve in bitcoin, the rest will be used to promote freedom via Bitcoin. 

Bitcoin Café represents financial freedom through the education of sound money, something no other coffee can offer. We want to capitulate the use of bitcoin, so that's why we accept payment in bitcoin, as well as over the Lightning Network for super fast economical transactions. You can enjoy your bitcoin coffee knowing you're changing the world.

Start your day with coffee, end the day with bitcoin!